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Valentine’s Day Pre-Order Menu & Giveaway!

There's a standing tradition in my family. Ever since I can remember, my Mom has given us chocolate hearts with our names on them for every Valentine's Day. Over the years, as we've grown our families to include partners and children, each member of the family receives their own chocolate heart. It's become a sort of "right of passage," if you will ;-)

One year, I remember telling my Mom I didn't want one because I was cutting down on sugar and didn't want to be tempted. And she lovingly listened and obeyed my request.

I regretted it immediately.

I realized in that moment that it was my Mom's way of showing her love for her family on Valentine's Day. This holiday gets a lot of slack for being a "Hallmark" holiday, and while I totally hold space for that, I also look at it as an intentional reminder to show the people we cherish in our lives how much we love them 🥰

So, no matter how or with whom you share your love with this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered!

Here's a look at our pre-order menu for Valentine's Day + a special giveaway at the end!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake: $25

Chocolate chip cookie mini cake (message customizable): $15

Chocolate covered strawberries: $25/dozen

Photo by: lmfphoto

Chocolate strawberry cake: $25

Royal Iced "Love" & "You Rock" Cookies: 6 for $20

Orders must be placed by Feb. 10th and pickup is available Feb. 11th & 12th from 10am-6pm, or Feb. 13th & 14th from 11am-3pm!

Email to place an order!

Now for a special GIVEAWAY!

We're teaming up with our sister dessert design boutique, B Sweet Designs, to bring you a custom Valentine’s Day dessert box for two + a $25 gift card to our bakery here in Ellicottville, NY!

To enter, visit our Instagram page!

This sweets box for two includes the following:

2 rosette buttermilk cookies

4 chocolate covered strawberries

2 cupcakes (champagne raspberry & vanilla)

3 French macarons (chocolate raspberry & vanilla)

1 geo heart (raspberry cheesecake)

4 cake pops (chocolate strawberry)

For rules & how to enter to win: head on over to our Instagram page!

Winner will be announced February 1st!

This Valentine’s Day box for two can also be pre-ordered for pickup at Cupcaked Bakery (24 Monroe St., Ellicottville, NY) February 11th & 12th from 10am-6pm or February 13th & 14th from 11am-3pm. All pre-orders must be in by February 10th! $35/box

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 💋

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