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Product Spotlight: Cupcakes

The Cupcake: conceptually simple, yet, presents an entire world of creative possibilities. From a whole host of different flavor combinations, textures and designs, this delightful little confection just so happens to be the very namesake & foundation of our bakery, Cupcaked!

The earliest reference of a cupcake recipe on record dates back to the late 1700s, however, it wasn’t until the 19th century that the term “cupcake” became more popularized. The word “cupcake” often referred to cakes that were baked in individual pottery cups, and some recipes even became known as “1-2-3-4 cakes” because they were made up of four ingredients: one cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour and four eggs. Who knew!

I sat down with Annie, our founder, who said she started Cupcaked Bakery with cakes & cupcakes as the main focus because she really loves the variety of flavors she can create. “I love coming up with new flavors to use and put on display. And we can decorate cakes & cupcakes in so many different ways, from casually-dressed & playful to the most elegantly-designed desserts you’ve ever laid your eyes on!”

And it doesn’t stop there. Cupcakes are just a gateway to other types of cake-based desserts: from cakes and cupcakes (including mini cakes & mini cupcakes) to cake pops and cake bombs, the list goes on and on. “I would say almost 50% of all in-store purchases are cupcakes and 75% of all custom orders are some form of cake,” Annie says.

Above all else, it’s really the simplicity and connection to humanity that appeals to Annie the most. No matter how complex a recipe gets, it all starts with a simple cake batter:

“The process of baking reminds me so much of how, as human beings, the basis of who we are is relatively simple: we are, for the most part, all made up of the same “ingredients.” And yet, it’s in our own, unique genes, personality, style & the way we choose to express ourselves to the world that we can stand in our authentic truth and cultivate joy for others, just like cupcakes!”

While we usually have a dozen different cupcake flavors to choose from in the bakery at any given time, there are four flavors deserving of a spotlight feature!

Funfetti: this is your classic white cake with sprinkles baked right in, topped with a whipped, fluffy vanilla buttercream and adorned with Funfetti-colored sprinkles!

Chocolate Peanut Butter: Fan Fav! Chocolate cake topped with whipped peanut butter buttercream, dripped in chocolate ganache, chocolate peanut butter cups and drizzled with fresh peanut butter!

Raspberry Delight: Another fan favorite, this cupcake consists of white cake filled with fresh raspberry sauce, topped with vanilla buttercream and finished with the “delight”; raspberry sauce and a fresh raspberry!

Hot Chocolate: Annie’s favorite, if she had to choose ;-) Chocolate cake topped with whipped hot chocolate buttercream, then dipped in chocolate ganache and topped with micro marshmallows and sprinkles!

“Our Hot Chocolate cupcake is my personal favorite because even though the components are all chocolate, which can tend to be heavy if not balanced properly, this cupcake is a lighter chocolate recipe, and it’s so fluffy!”, Annie says.

Stop into Cupcaked Bakery (24 Monroe St. in Ellicottville, NY) to see what all the fuss is about, and try a cupcake or two, or even a cupcake flight, for yourself!

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